Lantana Removals Services

We offer Eradication and ethical disposal of Lantana, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We also handle Lantana removal in sensitive areas that require specialist equipment and methods, so the minimalist damage is done to areas and infrastructure.

We Guarantee that we can get the Lantana to a manageable issue. We operate constantly between twenty and thirty degree slopes and can perform horizontal terrain also.

We allow a wide range of possible choices from us carrying out all the work right down to twelve-monthly servicing options, or us handle all the heavy lifting and then hand off to you so that you could maintain it from there.

We clear where others fear

Developing our systems over the past 30 years, we offer a complete service including total Lantana eradication, Lantana removal and disposal, through to reseeding as well as regenerative processes with our mulch services.

We don’t use chemicals.

We offer the following Lantana Removal Services:

  • 3 day lantana Eradication Packages
  • 5 day Lantana Eradication Packages
  • 10 day or longer Eradication Packages
  • Total packages with follow up in the years to come
  • Pre purchase quotes and analysis of sites

Community Packages

We also provide Community Packages, where we allow individuals or whole Streets to share the the hire costs for 5 day or longer packages.

As part of this packages, we show how to maintain after the removal so that you can not only reclaim your land but you can also share the results with the whole community.

One of the things we have learned from councils is that when we take action, councils are then far more open to either assist, or to put in after the fact. They also also provide further better support and assistance to help others that may otherwise re infect your properties.

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Government Subsidies Available

Did you know you may be eligible for Local Council/Government assistance to get your Lantana cleared?

A grant may be just what you need to reach your budget goal for clearing and eradication of Lantana on your property. Want to know more?

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