About Lantana Removals Queensland

Lantana Removal Queensland specialize in permanent Lantana eradication.

We have over 30 years of developing our Lantana clearing techniques, with much of our work seeing it gone in one session. We Guarantee that we will get it to manageable issue as our systems really do work. We work often between 20 and 30 degree slopes but will do flat work as well. We offer many different options from us doing all the work right down to yearly maintenance plans, or us do all the Hard work and hand off to you so that you can take care of it from there.

Our Difference

We clear where others fear.

We are totally committed to the end result. Rejuvenation from high country are why others don’t solve the problems.

Developing our systems over the past 30 years, we offer a complete service including total Lantana eradication, Lantana removal and disposal, through to reseeding as well as regenerative processes with our mulch services.

We don’t use chemicals.

Lantana Removal Is Our Passion

We seriously love eradicating Lantana. For us, it’s a passion surrounded in claiming our county and land back.

Lantana is one of the most important of weeds because of its nature, as it creates such a impenetrable barrier that protects much more aggressive weeds. Soils depleted by the Lantana blanket, trees are killed by it and the other weeds it brings. Lantana also creates fire hazards and enables other hidden dangers such as snakes and vermin, to travel through it and into your home.

Lantana is a creeping cancer that continuously is expanding and infecting private lands, which is illegal for land owners. Did you know councils will forcibly use contractors to remove it and bill land owners?

Lantana is not hard for us to eradicate, but it must be done correctly the way we do it.

It is not cheap, which always surprises me why people purchase land without understanding the cost of eradicating the problem,.

We suspect many people don’t want to hear exactly how much they need to take off the purchase price.

We see many people buy 13 acres of land, but only end out with 5 acres of usable land.

Lantana is always growing. Unless controlled or eradicated, within 10 years or so owners could have either spent a fortune trying to control it or ended up with a house block of land.

Our goals are to eradicate the issue, to give family back the home to the point its safe from fire, snakes rats and poisonous Lantana, which it is to many herbivores like horses and cattle.

We are cheaper in that we don’t do the massive damage to the ecology we can also provide solutions to erosion and ester damage.