Lantana Removals and Eradication Queensland

Lantana Removal Queensland are the experts in permanent Lantana eradication, throughout South East Queensland. Although based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we service most areas of Queensland and NSW.

With over 30 years of developing our Lantana clearing and eradication techniques, much of our work seeing it gone in one session. We Guarantee that we will get it to manageable issue as our systems really do work.

We work often between 20 and 30 degree slopes but will do flat work as well. We offer many different options from us doing all the work right down to yearly maintenance plans, or us do all the Hard work and hand off to you so that you can take care of it from there.

Lantana Removal Queensland are the only Lantana Removal Company in Queensland, that can meet the stringent legal requirements in steep terrain and sensitive areas of the State Governments policies.

We are the one stop Solutions stop for your Lantana Eradication and Land rejuvenation.

We clear where others fear.

Lantana clearing is something we have been doing for 30 years!

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Lantana Removal Is Important

Lantana is a creeping cancer that continuously is expanding and infecting private lands. Lantana infestations are illegal for land owners, and councils will forcibly use contractors to remove it and bill land owners. Lantana also creates fire hazards and brings encourages hidden dangers such as snakes and vermin to travel through it into your home.

Lantana Removal – Results Guaranteed

When removing your Lantana, you see results. We take great care to only remove the Lantana without wreaking havoc on the underlying and surrounding vegetation. We guarantee all our Lantana clearing jobs. We are confident in our methods, with 30 years experience we should be! All our work is fully guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Government Subsidies Available

Did you know you may be eligible for Local Council/Government assistance to get your Lantana cleared? A grant may be just what you need to reach your budget goal for clearing and eradication of Lantana on your property.

Call Garry or Joel today on 0449 986 880 or click here to email us